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About Old Parked Cars Vancouver

Old Parked Cars Vancouver is a photo blog about old cars seen on the streets of Vancouver, Canada, updated on a frequent basis. It was inspired by the blog "Old Parked Cars", by Ben & Tony Piff. My thanks to those fine gentlemen for their example and dedication.

Another particular inspiration was the post "Luxury No More" on the blog "Seattle's Classics". When I first saw those pictures I was blown away.

The odds are that you will have a opinion of the cars and pictures you see here which is different from my own. I welcome hearing from you in the comments section.

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Software used to organize and manipulate these pictures:

Ubuntu Linux
      A fine free OS
      Importing, cropping and straightening (Linux, Windows and macOS)
The Gimp
      Image editor (Linux, Windows and macOS)
      Organizing and tagging (Linux only)
exiftool and pyExifToolGUI
      More exif and xmp manipulation. If you use Windows try ExifToolGUI
     An open source Javascript and CSS toolkit adapted to produce the "slider" used to display pictures

With an extra thank you to Prayag Verma without whom the new format would not have been possible. Most of the discussion and adapted code is here.